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Mixem and Matchem

The control is in your hands, Mix and match flavours into your wildest creations. We recommend choosing between one and three flavours but if you want more, we're not going to stop you. 
Every order is made custom, we test before making a final product to ensure only the finest quality mix that you have designed.

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Premium quality - Food grade ingredients

Our E-juice consists of:
Non palm oil refined USP food grade Vegetable Glycerin (This thickens the juice and provides more vapor)
UPS food grade Propylene Glycol (This is that base in which the flavours come in)
Both our VG and PG is sourced from a wholesaler in New Zealand

Our nicotine is sourced from a laboratory in the USA which exceeds the USP grade at a Purity: 99.7% - 99.9% 
Our flavours come from Manufacturers in the USA and are all USP food grade.

All our juice products come with MSDS and Certification of analysis.

All our Hardware comes from large wholesaler in the USA and our products are subject to New Zealand's consumer guarantees act 1993.

This means you can have peace of mind when you purchase from us because there is no dangerous clones or dodgy juice here!