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Mixem shipping policies.

Free tracked shipping in NZ to non rural areas.


DHL Express shipping
Flat rate of $25.00
FREE on orders over $150.00

We ship our NZ packages through Courier Post, on an overnight service - this comes in an eco-friendly recycled cardboard or compostable satchel. 

We provide same day shipping on all orders placed before 12pm (business days) and will try to get every order out as fast as possible!

Premium quality - Food grade ingredients

Our E-juice consists of:
We use:
NON palm oil refined USP food grade Vegetable Glycerin.
USP food grade Propylene Glycol.
Both our VG and PG is sourced from a wholesaler in New Zealand

Our nicotine is sourced from a laboratory in the USA which exceeds the USP grade at a Purity: 99.7% - 99.9% 

Our flavours come from Manufacturers in the USA and are all USP food grade.

All our juice products come with MSDS and Certification of analysis. 

We have taken the time to ensure only the finest quality ingredients are used in the manufacturing of your E-Liquid.
You can taste the difference!

Do you need a helping hand?

We understand things are tight sometimes and for those struggling an extra $10 per week can mean meals for the family or petrol for a much needed get away.

We offer a 20% discount on our E-Liquid to those who hold a valid community services, student or gold card. 

If you are in need of this discount, send a picture of your card to:
Support@Mixem.co.nz or our Facebook page.

Please note: The associated card must be valid, we match the expiry date to the end date of the discount.