What's in E-Liquid? - Our E-Liquid is comprised flavour concentrates, PG (Propylene glycol), VG (Vegetable glycerin) and if desired, nicotine. All of these components are USP grade/Food grade and water soluble. Our ingredients come from NZ, USA and Italy.

What's the VG/PG ratio all about? - VG/PG ratios control the thickness of the E-Liquid. Making sure this correct will help you get the best flavour, longest coil life and less leakage. MAX VG is the thickest, this just means no extra PG is added in after flavours and nicotine (these are encased in PG). You'll want a bigger device for MAX VG juices otherwise you won't get much flavour and your coil will burn out quickly. 50/50 is more suited to pod systems and smaller devices. 70/30 works well with most devices.

Freebase or nicotine salts? - The difference between the two is that salts get into your system a lot faster but also leaves faster. Salts are also a lot smoother. If you are coming off cigarettes, it's good to start with salts, going higher in nicotine but less vapor effects you similar to a cigarette. Going to these high levels in freebase just wasn't palatable. Once you've transitioned from cigarettes then it's a lot easier to bring down your nicotine and switch over to freebase.
Another time it's good to try salts is if you need more nicotine due to cravings but the freebase is too spicy. 
You can use salts in bigger devices but only at the level you normally would in freebase - You cant use pod specific salts in bigger devices (20mg/2%+) because it's too much nicotine.

I've tried but I always cough, what's going on? - I've come across this a lot and I think it's to do with the type of device and inhalation. There are MTL (mouth to lung) and DTL (direct to lung) styled devices and if you do either or the wrong way - you cough. MTL devices are the smaller ones or pod systems, you should try to close your throat, pool the vapor in your mouth and then inhale. DTL ones are the bigger devices with a lot of airflow, start taking a deep breath on the vape before you press the button, once breathing in, press and this should hopefully stop you coughing!

If you have anything else you think should be here - please email support@mixem.co.nz and we'll look into it for you!